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Speaking Topics and Corporate Training

Speaking Topics
  • Number Two Happens: Real World Stories on Managing Risk for the Rest of Us
  • It's Lonely At The Top: Strategies to Forming Highly Effective Boards
  • Riding Off Into The Sunset: What's on the Last Page of Your Business Biography?
  • 86,400 Opportunities: What Will You Do With Your Opportunity?
  • Being Dispassionate About Your Passion: Would You Hire You?
  • Graduate with a SBS - Small Business Success: Continuing Education to Continue Growing

Corporate Training

  1. Increase Revenues Without Paying for Additional Sales Staff: How to multiply yourself without genetic cloning.
  2. How to Make Time to Market When You Don't Have Time to Breath
  3. Build Relationships or Build Return On Investment - NO, do both!
  4. Play With Purpose and Profit From Your Play
  5. Partnering With Your Employees: Never have to manage people again
  6. Smarter, Faster, Better: Why being the dumbest person in the room is the smartest thing you can do!
  7. How To Become The Trusted Adviser You Claim You Are: Why other people's opinions matter!
  8. How To Gain Access To The Ten Most Important Clients You'll Ever Have
  9. Three-Degrees To Cooking Bacon: How selling to the room costs you money.

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