Why Us?

We have a large network of licensed technicians and service providers available 24/7, with no additional charge for off-hours or holiday needs. Every service provider is background checked and verified.

Our model reduces your facility costs from 20-70%.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We will guarantee 100% the satisfaction with our services.


A One-Stop Shop

We have a complete suite of services for all your facility needs


Free Consultation

Consultation is always free with us to help you navigate with our range of services

Why Business Rising

Streamlining and simplifying to save aren’t new concepts – but applying them to facility management is. While building and company management across industry sectors are continually looking for ways to save, consolidating services is not often discussed – at least not yet. We’ve taken a streamlined approach to facility service management to simplify your job and save you time and money..

Relatable People

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, serial investors, and former executives from a variety of industries. We understand what you’re going through not because we’ve read about it, but because we’ve been there.

It’s our own experience that inspires us to create better options for you, our customers. Let us manage where your business takes place so you can stay focused on doing business.

Reliable Services

We’re serious about vetting the vendors who work for us. Before a service provider ever enters your location, you can rest assured that they have met our standards for security, service, and quality.

Reduce Cost

We save our clients time, money, and headaches. We negotiate with our service providers to ensure our clients receive highly competitive rates with savings ranging from 20%-70% across all facility services. You will also experience tremendous time savings since all of your facility needs are streamlined through one solution, paid through one invoice, and managed by external professionals – it’s all part of the Business Rising difference

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